Agile Multisourced Delivery Model (AMDM) Means Turbocharged Tech Solutions! The evolution of business in the last thirty years has been dominated by the continuing development and implementation of technology, especially computer and software technology. Like the telephone and automobile, computers have transformed the way people live and work, and the way corporations do business. As technology has advanced and computers have become leaner and faster, consumers have become more demanding than ever for novelty, new ways of shopping, and new ways of consuming goods and services.

The impetus for businesses to stay on top of the latest technological advances and incorporate those advances into their core business models is very strong. But to stay competitive and develop new tech solutions in timely ways can be very expensive and inefficient. To meet the industry demand for faster and leaner development of tech solutions, we developed the Agile Multisourced Delivery Model (AMDM) inspired by the principles of lean manufacturing and Kanban (カンバン). AMDM eliminates extraneous steps in the traditional models and streamlines tech development.

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Quodient’s Agile Multisourced Delivery Model Adds New Dimensions to Software Development and has been nominated for 2012 Chicago Innovation Awards.

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